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Welcome to
Popp Ins Therapy Centre

Popp Ins Therapy Centre is a Counselling and Psychological Service in Crieff, offering a range of therapies from a varied team of experienced therapists, to help people better their mental health. We aim to help you make a difference today whatever your difficulties. The team at Popp Ins have many years experience of working with people in a therapeutic capacity within different settings including privately, at GP surgeries and school settings, to name but a few.


Popp In's counsellors are trained in many different therapies and can help you with a range of difficulties and situations such as:

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Work/Life Balance

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Families with

or without Children




Our Counselling Rooms

The therapy rooms are private, comfortable, spacious, and well-lit with large windows or soft lighting, creating a safe and relaxing space to help set you at ease during your therapy session.

These rooms are also available to rent by local qualified psychological therapists.

Ask any of our therapists how you can gift a free counselling session to someone in need.

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